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Oscar’s Shoes, Boots and Leather Repair

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Need to repair your favorite pair of footwear?

We replace soles, heels, and new insoles, and do custom stitching, stretching, cleaning, conditioning, shining and waterproofing on leather, suede, exotic leathers and more!

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Repairs on the following: all Leather Goods, Soles &Heels on Dress shoes work boots, Cowboy, Hunting, Ugg’s, Handbags, Belts, Jackets Zippers Shoe Shine and more!

Our Services

Ugg's Boots

Duration varies • Price varies

Fix tears, stitch buttons, clean, condition and waterproof etc.

Chaco's Custom Fit
Duration varies • Price varies

Are your straps too long? We can help!

Golf and Sports Bags
Duration varies • Prices vary according to repair

Golf bags fix also golf shoes clean and stretch

Clean and Restore Birkenstocks
Duration varies • Price varies

Cleaning and Conditioning of Birkenstocks. And other brands, we also resole them

Re-lace and Condition Baseball Gloves and Other Sports Equipment
Duration varies • Price varies

Repair of all stitching sports equipment and conditioning of all leathers

Luggage Repair
Duration varies • Price varies

Fix or replace zippers , snaps, rivets, handles etc.

Handbag Repairs
Duration varies • Price varies

Clean, condition, refurbished, stitching, the strap is too long? We make it the right length etc.

Repairs on Cowboy, Hunting, Uggs and All Kinds of Boots
Duration varies • Price varies

Replace soles and heels, new insoles, stitching, stretching, clean, condition, shine and waterproof on leather, suede, exotic leathers etc.

Good for the globe!

Repair your shoes, footwear, and even leather goods like bags and sportswear with us! You’ll save money and reduce waste.

Need a custom fit?

At Oscar’s Shoe & Leather Repair, we can do custom fits for your footwear. You deserve shoes that love your feet!

More than just shoes

We can repair so much more than shoes! We also repair handbags, luggage, golf bags, baseball gloves and other sports equipment.

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