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Handbag Repairs

Luggage Repairs

Birkenstock Restoration

Sports Equipment Repairs

Golf Bag Repairs

Leather Glove Re-lacing and conditioning

Custom Fitting

Cowboy, Hunting and even Ugg's Boots Repairs

Need to repair your favorite pair of footwear?

We replace soles, heels, and new insoles, and do custom stitching, stretching, cleaning, conditioning, shining and waterproofing on leather, suede, exotic leathers and more!

Footwear and Shoe Repairs

Repairs on the Following: All Leather Goods, Dress Shoes, Work Boots, Cowboy Boots, Hunting Shoes, Ugg’s, Handbags, Belts, Jackets, Zippers, as well as Shoe Shines and more!

Good for the globe!

Repair your shoes, footwear, and even leather goods like bags and sportswear with us! You’ll save money and reduce waste.

Need a custom fit?

At Oscar’s Shoe & Leather Repair, we can do custom fits for your footwear. You deserve shoes that love your feet!

More than just shoes

We can repair so much more than shoes! We also repair handbags, luggage, golf bags, baseball gloves and other sports equipment.

Client Testimonials

“Needed to have the soles of a pair of my Z-Coil shoes repaired and Oscar’s on Hamilton did an AMAZING job. tested the repair by walking miles during a week at a conference in Las Vegas, and the shoes were perfect. I cannot recommend this shoe repair store enough!”
Majorie Yambor

“Oscar’s shoe and Leather repair provides excellent service! I just started Roller derby. I had my skates in the garage for three years. The humidity must have gotten to them because I wore them to my first practice and they ripped apart from the sole of the shoe. The adhesive was no longer holding. I tried to glue them myself at the skating rink but the adhesive they had didn’t work. I took these to Oscar on Friday and he had them complete yesterday before my next practice. Such quick and quality service!”
Julia Zavala

“Absolutely the best service!!!! Very quick and great work!!! Definitely will return with more shoes that I need repaired!”
Jasmine Madden

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